First Love

Myriads of highlights on the brook
Fire-dancing, celebrating the sun
And me on my belly in the crook
Of the old water willow, mesmerized
Searching the bottom for wonders, I stare
Eyes dazzled with glare. In kisses
I drink from the morning side of the spring
Till my nose touches water; I look up
Everywhere, an enchanting hum in the air, so clear
White gown sparkling, white wings flickering, so near

My beaming angel spirit, sprawls, dignified
On the mossy cushions of the giant elm
Behind her, the deep green forest whispering
Above, the infinite blue call of a dove
Floods our shimmering paradise with love.

We ran the ring of ferns
Till our laughter rang the trees
In our laughter
we fell
In a love-magic spell
Gently embracing, we shared a soul
Silence like a miracle descended
For the sun angel and her rainbow lover
Rhapsody began where eternity ended.


Marcel Debreuil

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