I play at love and drink at night from berry wine we made in La Riviere last fall
In a little while I sink in time and you come floating through my mind
I dream to when we danced with flower suns and I see you and me and a lot of little ones
There's days I'd lose my soul to find and taste your love again one time

Waking with the music of the morning birds I snuggled warm to you in our sleeping bag
Dew sparkles from the early rain shimmered round us in a web of spider light
Then your reached and kissed me and even while you held me I could hear your goodbye song
And then you told me Time inside was telling you to leave and now you're gone

There's a space in my mind empty since that morning though it seems to tingle
Each time I tap the crocks, and now I'm painting love with stains of berry wine
And the stars we dreamed on twinkle just to show the blackness of the night
And the memories I have of you fill the room like scores of candlelight,

Sweet sweet berry wine
Sweet berry wine and games of love
Sweet sweet dreams of Time
Dreams, dreams and berry wine


Marcel Debreuil

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