Acid brained, berry stained
Flame dancing on the edge
Of oblivion, belly laughing
Flashing the summer sun

Kindled fire flaming higher
Squeeze released the stone inside
Sprinkled water, breathed deep
Steamy visions crystallized

The phoenix stone, so far from home
Lies shattered on the fire
Empty, empty, empty phantom gnomes
Free fall free from all desire

I moved the cast inside
And opened up my eyes
What was left was the goblet
Not the wine
I was the saddest of my kind
All smiles had come to weep
On full alert, craving sleep

Sporadic visions slash
And tear the frenzy of the night
The moon looks like rain
They've boarded up the train
With people
The city caught on fire
Still, the raven floated higher
And landed on the steeple

Who led the men and ladies
And babies all to die?
The children I knew and loved so well
Floated upward through the sky

Burning bridges in my dream
Dissolve to water when I scream
Each echo louder than the first
I burn in deep regret
With all the pasts and hells and hurts.

Snowflake angels calm the storm
Whiteout the morning sun
Sweet communion whispers
Choose the chosen one

I knew the task; I knew the quest
With the whiskey jacks
I found a cradle in the roots
And laid the magic stone to rest.

And now I feel a power surge from the embers in the air
And I feel spirits rippling in my backbone in my hair
And I see little people, soft and kind
With the gems I've come to find.

On the stone from inner space
We paint a star upon it's face
Divine the center of the base
And lay it gently in it's place.


Marcel Debreuil

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