Ash-eyed, brutalized, she whimpered
Over honeyed tea
Eagerly yessing everything
That meant nothing in reality

Fast forward through the smoke
She spoke: of woman kind and broken men
And ifs that would have made a difference
If she had only known it then

Her kids outdoors
With screams and roars
Terrorize the universe

Send her stumbling to her purse
And her good will valium
With a shuddering little curse

Time to leave, the whining starts
Tense sweet coaxing - no results.

Lightning rage!
One wrench of the arm!
Kid terror lurches forward
In a scream-
Whap, slap, whap!
Rammed into the backseat
"I've had it! Mom doesn't want
To hear your face again today!"

Whimpers freeze into the silence
Chilled in the glare of the sultry afternoon
I'm glad for the dust in my eyes
As the car pulls away


Marcel Debreuil

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