Free spaced into oblivion
High on a mystic stone
Celestial revelations
Divining power zones

Fine tuned to the sounds of Heaven
Seven angels surrealize the breeze
and then I hear a silent call
and now I see Jenny clear and small
Pirouetting round the circle
To etherealize the leaves.

Teasing her wings in the summer glare
Rainbow beams breeze up her hair
She giggled when she spoke
The oak quavered through the smoke
But I only hear the sounds
Of the listening of the leaves
And the buzzing for the buds to open
And the humming of the bees.

And she sends a ripple through the grasses
When she lights down on the ground
And she sends a shiver through my body
When she smiles and blinks me on

And she drops her eyelids now to focus
And I begin to see
Through double beams of inspiration
Shining from our eyes
With love on a horizontal plane
I backflash to a child again
Wizardized forevermore


Marcel Debreuil

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